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Legend Pumpkin Fall Wreath for Door, Front Door Wreath, Grape Vine Wreath, Outdoor Wreath, Pumpkin Wreath, Fall Door Wreath, Fall Wreath, Decor – Kränze Herbst

Legend Pumpkin Fall Wreath for Door, Front Door Wreath, Grape Vine Wreath, Outdoor Wreath, Pumpkin Wreath, Fall Door Wreath, Fall Wreath, Decor #deko #decor #decoration #DekorationHerbst

For you craftsmen who like to work with silk flowers for all your many hobbies, if you are like me, it is difficult to find a storage method for all your silk flowers. I like to make silk flowers, artificial flowers with light flowers and wreaths; You usually keep the deliveries because you find good deals when you shop. You have probably found that storing them by adding them does nothing but destroy their posture. Or storage in vases takes up a lot of floor or shelf space, and you also have to compensate for the size of each container. Today I wanted to provide a quick guide on how to guide you through the process of creating a platform that allows you to store your many different flowers of silk with a small footprint.

The prerequisite for the design is to take advantage of the height and shape of silk flowers to "stack" your silk flowers in an organized and easily maintainable way. You can imagine a post for hanging coats, but instead of hooks would use rings to hold the flowers at an angle.

Objects you need :

  • 6 & # 39; long / 4 "PVC pipe
  • 6 & # 39; long / 5 "PVC pipe
  • 1 "wood screws (about 30)
  • 2 & # 39; square piece of ¾ "chipboard
  • 3 x L-shaped bracket (should have at least one drilled unit in each, two at each end would be even better. Make sure the holes are no larger than the head of the 1 "wood screws.)
Equipment you need:

  • Phillips screwdriver (screwdriver neck - metal part - probably must be 5-6 "long. Electric screwdriver if you have it)
  • Electric drill Approx 3/8 drill bit (must drill holes larger than the head of your wood screws)
  • Some type of chainsaw or hand saw to cut the PVC pipe.
You can change the dimensions of this design to fit your needs easily. I do this at 6 & # 39; high, but may be at any height, but I probably wouldn't go below 3 & # 39 ;. When you get to what you accomplish, it will be a breeze to complete. The hardest thing is finding out the design of what you want.

All items I mentioned above can be obtained from your local hardware store. You also do not need to have exactly these dimensions. If your retailer only has 3 "PVC diameter, you can use it. It just didn't have as many silk flowers as a 4" or 5 "diameter tube. The" L "shaped brackets are used to secure things like two boards In our case we would use it to secure the bar

  1. Let's start by mapping your standard bar to hang on. We will recreate this concept by attaching one of the poles to the 2 & # 39; s chipboard we have.
  2. With 2 & # 39; the chipboard flat on the ground we stand 6 & # 39; long, 4-inch PVC pipe on the end on top, and in the middle of the board we have flat on the ground. (This is the only part an extra pair of hands would be handy).
  3. If you are lucky enough to have someone hold the tube, the following will not be a problem. We will take the 3 "L" shaped brackets and place them evenly around the pipe, with one end flushed against the side of the pipe, while the other end of the bracket is in line with the board.
  4. You will then use the 1 "wood screws to secure one end of the bracket to the board and the other end to the bar. As I mentioned above, if you can find brackets that have 2 holes at each end, if it will be even more secure.
  5. (TIP) If you do not have someone who can support the bar, you can choose to set the brackets around the pipe so that they end up, mark the holes on the board (only) and remove the pipe. You can then continue to attach the brackets to 2 & # 39; s chipboard first. Then continue to reinsert the tube between all three brackets and finish securing the top of each bracket to the tube - make sure the tube is vertical (straight up and down).
  6. We now continue to take the second 6 & # 39; long PVC pipe and cut it into segments of 4 "long pieces. This should give you about 18 pieces. It may or may not be enough depending on how big you do this or how much you want to squeeze into this rod. If you need more you need another PVC pipe to cut more 4 "long pieces.
  7. We will now use our drill bit to drill "one" hole on one side of each of the 4 "long pieces of PVC pipe we cut. Be sure to drill the hole in the dead center of the ring. more clearly, I mean the middle as between the top and bottom of the ring, we will use this hole to put our long neck screwdriver by turning the screw that will attach the opposite side to the rod (more on that in a minute).
  8. When you are done drilling the hole through all the pieces, we will start at the bottom of the post and work our way up. You must stop and understand that the intention is not to set the holder so that it holds the group of silk flowers stems perpendicular to the ground. Rather at a 90 degree angle. This is important because you want to start high enough from the ground on the pole so that at 90 degrees the bottom of the stems does not touch the ground. You probably have to put your stems through the ring (holder) and place against the rod to find the right starting point. This is where you would hold them at a 90 degree angle to get the right height.
  9. Holding the 4 "tube piece against the tube, we will set up the side which is the opposite side from the side you drilled the hole. It would be wise to have someone hold this piece so you can concentrate on attaching. Second, feed the screwdriver through the hole and begin by attaching the screw through the ring in the bar.
  10. With a tight fit you should find that you can swing the ring around. We will want to put it at a 90 degree angle to find out where the next one will go.
Now that we have one on, we can find out how to place the rest. You can definitely experiment with this depending on the length of your silk flowers, but in most cases I found two ideas:

  • Swap the rings around the bar as you work your way up or
  • Imagine a candy cane strip as it works upwards on the bar.
  • Once you start attaching each of your 4 "rings to the post, you should find that you can easily adjust their angle to fit the different lengths of stems and what is under and under each ring. The ring with your silk flowers stems .
You should now find that you have put together a 6 & # 39; -bar, in line with holder for stems of silk flowers. You can group them by project or by type. What I have found is to put them in the holder, then take the stems and give them a very small tub to drop them in place helps. There are lots of other watches and whistles that don't explore in this article that you can add or change about your installation. I have included some of these ideas in the additional tips section below. Enjoy.

Here are a few extra tips:

  1. When placing the masses of stems in each ring, be careful not to exceed the mass
  2. Other good ideas are to take a small 2 "-3" tube and cut into 5 "lengths
  3. In open areas where you cannot place the large 4 "pipe pieces, you can then place these small pieces perpendicular to the ground toward the pole to keep additional small silk flower accessories (close to the rod) out of the way by the larger holders.
  4. You can leave an area for hanging wreaths of silk flowers or light rings of silk flowers. Based on the diameter of your wreaths or light rings, you would leave this much space on the post before your holders begin. Then take a 1 "PVC pipe (the length is up to you) and by drilling a slightly larger hole through the center of the main bar, slide your 1" pipe through and create a space to & # 39; hang & # 39; your wreaths and light rings.